1. These workouts are great! Love them. Got ski erg after knee surgery and once I was bsck to normal activity I only really used it for interval stuff. Now getting a ton of use.


  2. Sites awesome!

    Would love to see a mix of some strongman and kettlebell work along side the intervals. Don’t do much work with either so would like to see ideas of how to incorporate.

    I especially liked the 1 mile ski, 21 clean and press 800m clean and press then 1 mile interval session. But I mixed it up a little and used a single KB @ 32kg instead of a barbell.

    I follow the site from my phone and screen shot the workouts to log in my book.

    Great work, keep this up 🤘


  3. Hard to give improvements for such great programming!
    I ise your daily wods for my condioning after my strength work.
    I’m enjoying the simplicity of the training.


  4. Awesome site. Great source of ideas on how to include the Skierg into my daily workouts. I usually mix about 2 of your posted WODs into my regimen each weak.

    Keep up the good work. And thanks for sharing!


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