1. This is strange. #44 says on the website to do KB Swings (24kg? 32kg?), but in my inbox this morning it showed up with Burpees…


      • Thanks for the clarification Rhoddy.

        BTW, since following SkiWOD (and your Instagram feed), I was able to increase my perfomance on the SkiErg tremendously. I try to mix 2-4 of the WODs with my strength and gymnastics program each week.

        Taking the WOD with ‘Ski 300 cals total, every 20 cals do “work”‘ as a benchmark; I was able to decrease the time needed for the 300 cals by over 5 mins compared to the first time I did that kind of WOD a couple of weeks ago.

        Granted, my technique on the SkiErg has improved, but your programming has helped a lot. It’s a great source of inspiration and ideas on how to mix in SkiErg sessions into my workouts.

        Thanks again for sharing!



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